AIDS War. Profiteering with PrEP. AIDS War. Profiteering with PrEP.

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Gilead Truvada AIDS War. Profiteering with PrEP.

by Terry Michael, September 30, 2014

A 14-page paper on the Gilead pharmaceutical company's toxic Truvada for so-called HIV "PreExposure Prophylaxis," or PrEP.

I trace how a supplemental use for Gilead's HIV chemotherapy went from confirmation-biased clinical trials, funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIH/NIAID director; to approval by the FDA, in a corrupt "user fee" (funded by Gilead) fast-tracked process, just in time for Fauci to announce it at the International AIDS Society "XIX AIDS Conference" in Washington, DC, in July 2012; to the CDC's  compliant  endorsement in May 2014; and now is being touted by a science-uninformed mass media and gay press, heavily promoted by the Gilead public relations machine.